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Meta Abstraxion delivered exactly what we have been looking for. The Lets Dance activities were a huge success mainly because of your uniqueness and user engagement. It not only helped promoting our product but also emphasized on the importance of friendship.


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Warid Telecom is a joint venture between Abu Dhabi Group & SingTel Group. Warid Telecom continues to expand and take the network and its subscribers to the most dominant levels of Pakistan. Their goal is to become the Primary service provider for all communication needs in Pakistan.

Business Need

Warid has introduced Glow Dosti, a revamped package aimed at Pakistani youth. Warid claims that Glow Dosti will offer its users with an opportunity to talk to their friends and family at lowest possible calling rates. This would be coupled with SMS and GRPS bundles. Glow Dosti campaign features a song, a thematic TVC and tactical ads for voice, SMS and mobile internet. Warid wanted to get the youth engaged through a customized Warid Glow activity that will be held across the country at different colleges, universities, shopping and entertainment venues.


After evaluating Warid’s interesting requirement, MetaAbstraXion proposed a fun dance activity powered with Augmented Reality Technology that surely engaged the youth just the way Warid wanted it to be. The idea was to engage the youth in to a dance activity where they are allowed to dance on stage with virtual on-Screen Dancers. The activities went amazing it resulted in a cheerful interactive experience for the youth, it engaged everyone at the venue and they all loved dancing with the On-Screen official virtual performers.


  • Large screens were setup at the event venue for everyone to watch and cheer.
  • Dance Performances were recorded by the official choreographers at the studio and then later merged with the AR application that allowed the youth to interact with the virtual performers
  • Once a real person walks in to the hotspot, he gets projected on the big screen and on the screen he finds himself standing with 4 official dance artists who appear after a cool animated intro.
  • The siren goes off and the virtual performers starts dancing on the Official “Dosti ke Rung” Song Track.
  • The person has to keep up with the virtual dancers, by matching his/her dance moves with them.
  • On Screen you can hardly identify who is real person and who is a virtual character. It all blends so perfectly, a true AR experience. People were amazed and they loved that new form of activity.