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Thanks for the amazing work. The activity went pretty effective in promoting our new product. Will definitely work with you again


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Novartis is a multinational pharmaceutical company, dedicated to discover, develop and successfully market innovative product to prevent and cure diseases

Business Need

Novartis was looking to promote their new product "Voltaren Spray" by creating a unique and interactive application which will help understand the consumers how effective is the product and guide them how to use the product.


After evaluating Novartis needs, MetaAbstraXion proposed an Augmented Reality based solution to create an experiential learning solution. The AR solution we created resulted in a fun interactive experience for the end-consumers, it engaged everyone at the venue and facilitated “learning by doing” for effective and real-time interactive learning.


  • Large screens were setup at the event venue for everyone to watch.
  • Interactive Virtual Characters were created, who engaged the visitors by telling them about the Voltaren Spray or by directly asking the visitors to apply the Volteran spray on them during the activity.
  • Once a real person walks into a hotspot, he is projected on the screen and on the screen he finds himself standing with a virtual character.
  • The person could interact with the virtual characters using virtual objects
  • The application could identify the person standing on the hotspot. Not only the person as a whole, the application could identify different parts of his body as well (head, hands, feet).
  • Once the real person is identified, you could see a Voltaren spray appearing right over his hands on the screen and it sticks to his hand. As the person moves his hand the virtual spray moves along with his hands, the application tracks the person’s hand movements and makes the virtual spray stay in his hands. The Virtual Character asks the person for the spray and the person had to give the spray in the virtual characters hand. Soon the person moves his hand near the virtual character the virtual character picks up the spray from the person’s hand and applies it on his wound
  • Everyone at the event loved interacting with the virtual characters using Voltaren Spray.