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What They Said About Us

The AR game was FUN-Tastically great. I have never experienced such a game before where you can control the characters in game with your own gestures without any handheld device. Amazing work thanks for the timely solution. Looking forward for a great business relationship.


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Business Need

As new trends gripped Agora they planned to swap their employee’s laptops with iPads but they wanted to do it the fun way.


It was a unique requirement and we suggested few solutions to them, one that they happily accepted was to create an interactive activity at their office and all of their employees had to participate in that to win the iPads. We developed an AR-based game activity, where the employees had to compete against a virtual Alien and they had to destroy their laptops before the Alien destroys his. If the employee destroys his laptop before the Alien then he qualifies for winning the iPad.


  • Large screens were setup at the Agora’s head office entrance.
  • As the employees entered the office they saw themselves projected on the big screen with a virtual baseball bat in their hand and the Virtual Alien Character standing their taunting at them, urging them for a challenge.
  • After few seconds two laptops appear on screen, one at the employee’s end and the other on Alien's side.
  • The employees could easily move the virtual bat just by moving their hands in real. The application tracked their movements and the bat was controlled by that
  • The Alien starts breaking the laptop at his end by using his super powers, and the employee had to break their laptop with the virtual bat in his/her hand.
  • It was all too fun to participate and watch the participants playing with the Alien.
  • The difficulty of the game was set to low so that everyone can win.
  • It was a surprise and fun activity for all and they all got away with a new iPad.